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What does it mean to be an Artist? That definition is so Vague that it could mean anybody that creates anything. The definition on Merriam-Webster has six different definitions (2 of which have to do with Critical Interpretation over Creation). So the term Art doesn't have a defining trait.

So when Most People talk about the term Art, it generally has to do with previously established Traditions inside a Culture. And in a Modern Day Western Culture, Artists are viewed as "People who try to Master a Particular Craft." This can be a Chef for Cooking, Painter for Painting, Film Director for (you should catch the drift by now). In the Modern World, Artists are viewed as people who stick to one skillset & sell themselves as the master of that skill.

This doesn't have to be the case, as I feel like Artists want to try to expand themselves. But it's so unheard of, that it really isn't talked about. Culturally we already don't give enough attention to Artists (good or bad) unless they are Popularized through the media. Add to that an Artist who doesn't follow the Traditional Path, and you got a recipe for pure confusion on the majority. And you don't have to delve yourself that deep to understand why.

One of the biggest issues with any Artist that wants to branch out into multiple paths is that the world around them will think that they aren't determined. They will look at this Artist like a College Student who can't decide on their Major. But this misconception completely misses the point when it comes to growing and expanding yourself. You see, when an Artist only focuses on one particular craft, they lose the knowledge they could learn from other Art-Fields. When you open your mind & try to discover what the Arts can bring when they work together, untapped potential can begin to show. And nobody else exemplifies this mindset more than Sara Goodman, an Artist who doesn't follow the term.

Sara Goodman is a Poet who expands herself into a whole bunch of different fields. The Incredible Visionary works as a Video Artist, A Musician, A Teacher, A Writer, and an all around Experimental Thinker. But no matter what, the best word to describe Sara is that she is a Poet.

Here is an example of a Video Poem called "Interstellar"

Now (hopefully this Audience is more open-minded) when somebody describes Poet, the consensus is that we have a Loner who only focuses on Writing. That Poetry can't be described in any other term other than the use of Beautiful Language. But Sara defies both of these false dichotomies by being a Collaborative Artist who experiments in everything. That statement is really inspiring, and let me explain why.

 A Poetic Photo Piece of Sara's Work. 

A Poetic Photo Piece of Sara's Work. 

When most of us (Americans especially) tell our families that we want to become Artists, generally a sense of doubt casts on everybody's faces. The Capitalistic System is built for those who make money, which (unfortunately) doesn't include Artists who think for themselves. So to make up for this doubt, a lot of us go out of our way to prove to those doubters that we are just as valid to society as any business tycoon (I think we are more valid, but that's for another conversation). Because of this obsession with trying to prove people wrong, we rarely open our own minds until we succeed (or succeed in their eyes). By that point, it's too late to change & expand ourselves.

 We melt our abilities away once we stress about the World Around us.

We melt our abilities away once we stress about the World Around us.

Luckily Sara never had this issue. Sara never really cared about how negative opinions could distract her from developing her outlook. She always saw Art as something synonymous with being alive. In other words, Sara saw that Art had a Living Pulse. And just like a Pulse, Art grows through personal experience. Sara's Art is so Vast & Varied, that the best image that can represent her thought process is a Tree. While the Singular Trunk might have the mind of a Poet, the Tree stems across into other Art-Forms. Some branches go into Video-Making, some go into Music. Others go into Painting; you get the idea. If a blossomed Flower can describe an Artist who sticks to one craft, Sara can be described as a Full-Grown Tree. And just like a Tree, her outreach is far larger than that of a Traditional Artist.

I have yet to talk about the Vast work that Sara associates with. So let's start to explain in detail what makes Sara so Special. If there was one Art-Form that Sara is most known for (other than Poetry), the answer is Video Art. Sara is part of the Tachyons + Collective (a group of Artists that I will be promoting more in depth in the weeks to come). Tachyons are personally modified electronics that helps to distort & Play around with Analog Media (like a Video Version of a DJ set). To give you an idea of what Video Artists do, they take multiple forms of Video & mix it with each other (sometimes with other Art-Forms like Music) to give off a one of a kind Visual experience. It's a different kind Art-Form than classical filmmaking. The Goal is to make the Audience go into a trance & experience the beauty of the Video Piece Itself. Obviously, this is an overly-simplistic explanation of what Video Artists accomplish, but this Article isn't about Video Art as a whole. I'll be going into better depth about Tachyons, Video-Art and other subjects in the up & coming weeks. But let's dive a bit deeper into what Sara does with this new Art-Form.

 An Example of a Tachyon Machine.

An Example of a Tachyon Machine.

In the realm of Video-Art, we have a bunch of Genre-Terms. These terms exist so that an Artist can explain what the Audience will be experiencing before it happens (kind of like how my term "Hypnotic Film" is a way to explain that a movie is going to be more Experience Driven). Two of the most Popular Genre-Terms in the Video Art scene are Analog Video Synthesis & Video Paintings. Analog Video Synthesis has way more editing & generally tries to showcase how a video can be transformed. Video Paintings, on the other hand, mix different Filters, Glitch Effects & ETC. to create a Stationary Video Piece. Now I'm not a Video Artist myself, so all of this explanation comes from Study & Conversations. But hopefully, you can see the vast difference between the two.

Love Your Idols, an example of a Analog Video Synthesis Piece. 

Fake Names At The Cotton Candy Mixture, An example of a Video Painting

Regardless of how in depth my explanations are, Sara is very well-known for being both of these types of Video Artists. But, unlike a lot of her contemporaries, Sara mixes Digital Video along with Analog Video. With a lot of Video Artists, they either pick one or the other (generally they choose Analog). Sara's work makes it more Enticing to watch the subtle differences between the two. When talking to her on the Subject, it was clear that she was well-versed in the difference between the two mediums (she doesn't just do it to show off). Sara explained that Analog Video is Warmer & Easier to Showcase, while Digital Video is Cold & Uncomfortably Clear. When you mix the two, you get a Thunderstorm Storm Showcase that clashes with one another. It's always exciting, no matter what kind of viewer you are. And Sara has made a name for herself due to the nature of this type of mixup.

Respite II, an example of a Video-Piece that mixes Digital & Analog Video. The effect is like a Thunderstorm of Crazy Colors. 

One of the great attributes that a Video-Artist can accomplish is that they can go into Clubs/Bars/ETC. & play alongside Musicians. These type of Video Artists are called VJ's. VJ's are a bit more well known than a Stationary Video Artist, and Sara is anything but Stationary. Her VJ career expands from working with Bands, EDM Producers, Hip Hop Artists & even Experimental Musicians. She even Visually performs the Music that she Produces, which is just extraordinary. Chicago (where she lives) has a huge Underground Arts Scene with untapped potential (as far as the Regular Public is concerned). And because of this, Sara can work with as many people as her schedule allows. VJ's often accompany the Musician very well and create an atmosphere that is very Synesthetic. It's almost neurological on how this mixture affects the human spirit. And because it is such a new Art-Form (only gaining some sort of Popularity within the last 10 Years) it has massive room for expansion.

Here is a Video that showcases Sara's skills as a VJ. 

And speaking of Expansion in Music, Sara is associated in the Auditory Art Scene as well. Her most well-known band is called mascara, which primarily focuses on Sound-Art. In fact, a better word for all of her music is Anti-Genre. Genres in Music (unlike Film) is more based on the feeling & flow than anything else. Sure some have more Poetic Meaning (Hip-Hop, Folk) than others (Pop). But generally, a genre song follows a particular meaning associated with that term. Well, all of Sara's songs invoke a ton of feelings. A lot of these feelings most of us don't even experience in the real world. How many times have you experienced a sense of "Sudden Calamity" in a matter of seconds? Sara (again) mixes different sounds to create her own brand of music. The sounds are so varied throughout the song that it feels like you’re going through a stream of depth. If a Cliched Pop Song can be described as a Calm Boring Lake, Sara's Music is like a Raging River (Always Winding & Exciting, with a few moments of tranquility). The difference between the two is that you get to appreciate the calm moments more when you've experienced the alternative. And for those who enjoy listening to the alternative, well Sara creates music that can please anybody (with an Open-Mind of course). Compare this to a Popular Act (let's say The Chainsmokers for this example) who only seem to create music for Suburban Teenagers who are innocently optimistic. I don't know about you, but whenever I hear a Pop Song on the Radio, I always have an image of a group of Teenagers hanging out at a Beach or Campfire, not really doing anything but laughing in their wide-eyed ignorance (I call it the MTV-Commercial Syndrome). The Ironic Twist is that Sara's Avant-Garde Underground Music is more Real & Honest about the Human Experience than any Pop-Song on the Radio right now. Life isn't an Open-Armed Optimistic Commercial; it's a Crazy & Unpredictable Adventure with tons of twists and turns. And because of that, we should all try to be open-minded to Experimental Music & Sound-Art. Sara is one of the best I've known about, so give it a shot if you haven't already. A Link To Her Bandcamp Website can be found here

 Here is a Screenshot of her Bandcamp Website. Click Above to see for yourself. 

Here is a Screenshot of her Bandcamp Website. Click Above to see for yourself. 

But if there was a word that could describe Sara (above all else) is that she is a Collaborator. Collaboration is Sara's defining trait, above anything else I've talked about. She always goes out of her way to make sure everything is done with somebody else. Rather this is Music, Video-Art, Poetry, Gif Art, and everything in between; she wants to work with another like-minded person. This one trait makes Sara more valuable (and therefore more impactful) than the Average Underground Artist. Sure, it's great to work on your craft. But without somebody else to share it with, the Art becomes meaningless. But the Greatest Attribute when it comes to Collaboration is that you always have a different point of view. This makes it, so Sara is always open to different opinions (and therefore can expand herself better). I can personally give an explanation on this term, but I feel like I need to show just how Collaborative Sara really is. So, here are a few examples.

Pisces Boy, Another example of a Visual Piece done by Sara Goodman. 

The first is a Rap-Duo Sara does with an Outlandishly Awesome Artist named Malik Nashad Sharpe. He is a Performance Artist & A Dancer. And like I said, the Rap Music these two make is just incredible. Check it out below.

The next is a Performance Art Duo called Interference//. Sara provides Video-Art backdrops while a Dancer named Beatrice Schleyer tries to Interfere with the Video Stream. It's unbelievably creative & mixes Live Performance with Video in a way that can only be seen to be believed. Here is an example down below: This Video was shot by Armando Lozano. 

Another Duo she is part of is called s h r I n e. This time Sara & an Artist named Jim Jam perform Live Rituals using Obsolete Gear. It's just as impressive as it sounds. An example of this down below:

And the last example I'm going to talk about is an Experimental Electronic Band named Screen & Projector. Unlike some Popular EDM, this band mainly focuses on how Sound can manipulate our mindsets. The whole Sound-Scape is Varied & Impactful; the Experience is very Neoteric & Mind-Opening. From my own involvement (which is the Video that will be posted below), it felt like you're transported into a world where Electronics have taken over any sort of emotion, and that humans are trying to fight back. But that is what is so beautiful about a group like Screen & Projector is that everything is left to your own interpretation. I suggest that you sit back with your eyes closed & just listen to the sounds. Then Open them up once the Video is finished & comment what you felt. I'm really curious to know what your experience was like.

People always say that Art is meaningless, and they could be correct. The word "Art" really doesn't have a meaning unless the Artists around an individual culture give it one. Luckily Sara Goodman uses that vague word to express her Open-Minded nature. And because of that, terms are almost meaningless to describe her work. I'm not going to lie; this was the hardest Article I've ever written. Not because there wasn't enough to talk about, but because Sara was so open that I felt I couldn't do it Justice. And now that we are at the end of The Article, I still feel like I didn't do it Justice. But that's okay because Sara can't be easily explained in a Single Article. She is more than just a Visionary who needs to be Discovered. She is the person who continuously finds Discoveries herself.

 A recent Photo Sara did using the Previously Mentioned Tachyons + Machine & a multitude of IOS Apps. The Results is something out of this world. 

A recent Photo Sara did using the Previously Mentioned Tachyons + Machine & a multitude of IOS Apps. The Results is something out of this world. 

Sara Goodman is the most open-minded Artist I've ever covered on this website. And given who I tend to Write About, that is a really high honor. So do yourself a favor & follow her on Instagram & Youtube. I promise that seeing her work in person is going to do more justice than any written Article ever would.

 Sara working & collaborating with fellow Artists. 

Sara working & collaborating with fellow Artists. 

But even if this Article couldn't completely encapsulate her nature, I'm pleased that I got to write about Sara Goodman. She is a wonderful human being who wants to see the world grow. She isn't in the game for Money or Pride, but to showcase her unique mindset for the world to experience.

 Sara having a collaborative spirit has made her Universally Loved. 

Sara having a collaborative spirit has made her Universally Loved. 

To get back to where we started, we must talk about what it means to be an Artist. Well, Sara Goodman shows us that an Artist is a person who is always open to experiment with new possibilities. That an Artist never sells themselves to the craft but allows the craft to grow with them. Hopefully, when somebody discovers this Article 50 Years From Now, that will be the definition of Art. But until that day comes, let us all look at Sara Goodman as an example of what an Artist Can & Should be. Always be true to yourself & never allow any pre-convinced notions to take your mind over. Grow with the World around you & help out as many like-minded people as you can. A Flower can Grow & Die within a Single Season. But a Tree (and its impact) can last for Hundreds of Years. Sara Goodman is a Tree in a world full of Flowers. The Question now becomes, are you going to branch out or stick to the safe stem that you already know?


Thanks everybody for reading my Article on Sara Goodman. Not only was this the hardest to write, but it was also the longest one as well. Now my record is set. Let's see if I can beat it in the near future. 

Anyways Sara Goodman is an incredible human being who actually cares about others around her. We had an amazing conversation, and I'm excited to see where she heads to next. Sara is so Collaborative & Varied that you will find (at least 1) Art Project of hers that you enjoy. I'll make sure to keep everybody updated on the work with Sara Goodman.

If you enjoyed any of the other Artists Sara has worked with, please support them as well. The names are Malik Nashad Sharpe, Beatrice Schleyer, Jim Jam, Jon Cates, Sara Zalek & Hanna Brock. Hopefully, I'll be able to do individual Stories on all (or some) of them, but regardless these Artists deserve your support.

If you want to know every Page & Website Sara is associated with, well it's a lot (so here we go). The first is her website, which has all the necessary information on what she does. Bookmark it if you liked this Article & make sure to stay tuned. Next, we have her leading Music Website Mascara on Bandcamp. Here is a link to the Soundcloud Page as well. Here is a link to her main Youtube Page. You can also follow her on Instagram. If you enjoyed the Screen & Projectors Video, follow them on Facebook. Hopefully, this paragraph alone can explain how varied & collaborative Sara is.

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Thanks so much for reading my Article, enjoy your day & continue to support Visionary Talent wherever you see it.