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Does anybody remember when they discovered something brand new? Like the first time we tasted our favorite food, or the first time we saw a movie in theaters? Do we remember the first time discovered our passion? Well, to me, that feeling is pure excitement. As a child, getting to play Video-Games was a magical experience. As a Teenager, playing around with a Camera was incredible. I remember how excited I was to write my First Script. And this (relatively) new blog has been a Great Journey.

In other words, finding something new is exciting. When we are so used to something (day in & day out), we can lose hope. This is why we get crankier as we get old. We feel like there is nothing more to explore.

But the truth of the matter is, there is always something to discover. The bigger problem is that we all lose that mindset when we grow up. But unlike some other attributes (like Innocence & Naivety) this is a mindset that can only get better with age. But it's odd that most Adults are stuck in a certain mindset that refuses to grow. This can be because of Human Genetics, or it can be because of Years of Culture. But (for the most part) the older a person is, the more they stick to their ways.

Now one of the great attributes about being in the Experimental Scene is that we always discover new ideas. Rather this is Glitch Art, Observant Video Art Pieces or a brand new Television Series; the Experimental Scene is built on Discovery. But yet again, all of the Artists I've covered have been Well-Known for a number of years.

Maybe with the exception of Tom Powers, everybody I've covered on this blog has dedicated years of work into the scene. This is nothing more than a Miracle, but they are also very well versed (and known) in the Experimental Community. Even I (who didn't know anybody until this Blog came around) was referred to as an Experimental Screenwriter for 2+ Years. But it's very rare that we all get to discover somebody who is brand new. In fact, most of us are frustrated due to the lack of representation throughout the years. But if we look down, we can still find those who are giddy about being in something so new.

Today's guest is one of these people. He is new to the Age of Experimentation but very knowledgeable when it comes to the world around him. He has the Passion of a Professional but the Positive Outlook of a Newcomer. He is just as important to our scene as a person who has been doing this for decades. He is Marko Jack, an individual who is just starting out but shows incredible promise. 

Now I think it's obvious that Marko doesn't have the vast amount of work as somebody like Will Erokan or Sara Goodman. But he still has some work that everybody should check out. So let's dive right in. 

A great (older) Video of Marko playing his Guitar. Check It Out Here

Probably the most important Experimental Art Work Marko is associated with is Hot City Tape. Sound Awesome doesn't it? Well, it is (I know, such a climatic statement). But he is so new that he has no preconceived notions about what a Glitched Video is supposed to be. And his output is very Unique. 

One trick that a lot of Glitch Video Artists use is that they stick on a particular sound while changing the video image. This gives a Television-Like effect & keeps the Audience Engaged. A very cool concept, but one that isn't that terribly new in Glitch Art. In the Video "hippo gifts for tammuz" Marko does the complete opposite. He sticks to a particular image while changing the sound, giving a Radio-Like Effect to the piece. This one change completely changes the dynamic as your more focused on the sound rather than the image. The Image enhances the sound, not the other way around. In other words, the image enhances your ear. Usually, a sound is supposed to enhance your eye in a Glitch-Art Piece. This shift in focus makes this Glitch-Video really stick out. Not because it's bad, but because it is so different.

And that one rule of being different is what makes Experimental Art stand out in the first place. We don't have to follow the rules, in fact, we encourage that nobody follows any rules. Marko has no problem following that Philosophy (the only Philosophy that one should follow). And this gets back to our original conversation. What does it mean to be so new?

For those who remember my Sara Goodman Article, I mentioned a machine called a Tachyon. These Machines create Glitch Effects that can completely change the way a Video is Distorted. One of the great parts about having a machine like this is that we can take a pre-existing VHS Tape and completely change the meaning. Think of it as a Visual Example of Sampling. And the effect is pretty badass.

An excellent example of VHS Sampling is Marko's Short Video called "the thin line beyond hct". The Video behind the effects all comes from a PBS Children's Show. I don't know what this show is (I don't watch PBS because they only show Boring British Dramas) but that isn't the point. We can see Children & we can see Puppets. It can be Sesame Street for all we care. 

Now Marko takes this original footage and uses it to his effect. For starters, the entire Video has a negative filter on it. This isn't a Metaphor, in fact, the only reason it is used so that we don't see any faces. That way we can transport ourselves into the world of the children (we feel like we are the kids). But again, that isn't the point either.  The point comes from the Underlying Music & The Changes In Filter. 

We notice that we (the viewer) are supposed to be excited at the beginning of the Video. It's like a Bouncy Castle for a 7-Year-Old Suburban Birthday Party, nothing but innocent joy. But we also notice that the Filter Changes & the Music becomes Distorted. Suddenly everything becomes Gray, a metaphor for growing up. But we (the audience) keep fighting to stay in our Colorful World. An empty Blue Screen (that keeps popping up) represents how pointless this fight really is. In the end, we see a Blue Screen mix with pure Darkness in a Distorted Soundscape. A great representation for what happens after you leave that overly-excited Preschool TV World.

As I stated before, I don't know where this original intro comes from. It has a lot of Kangaroos, so tell me in the comments if you know. But I am almost certain that the original intro was just a generic Reading Rainbow "It's Fun To Learn" type intro. Not very memorable in the grand scheme of life. But Marko used this Intro to tell us something deeper about ourselves. He didn't have to ham fist it in; he didn't have to use a pointless narrator. From Distorting an Innocent Children's Show, we get a better understanding about how it feels to grow up. We don't need a $200 Million Dollar Pixar Movie to show us. All we need is the right tools and the perfect backdrop to have us see what we all feel inside. This Video is the Perfect Textbook Definition of how to use how to sampling in your work. You completely change the meaning, and therefore, create something your own.

And you know what's so strange. This Video (at the start of this writing) only has 6 Youtube Views. Four of these came from me. Let me repeat that, One of the most thoughtful Glitch-Videos I've ever watched only has 6 Views. That's astoundingly low, but it isn't rare. Marko isn't the only newcomer; he is actually in a group of people who just (recently) discovered Tachyon Machines & Video Art. Video Art (as a concept) is in its infancy stage, not quite mainstream yet. It's getting there, but it hasn't quite hit the mark. 

 We are all trying to capture our Creative Spirit.

We are all trying to capture our Creative Spirit.

In other words, we are all like Marko Jack. Sure, some of us have more experience & garner more views, but the passion & vision is really what matters. From our Conversation, I noticed that Marko is very wise in his thoughts towards the Experimental Film Community. But unlike a lot of us (myself included), he doesn't see the growth of this community as a what if scenario. He has no doubt that Glitch-Art, Experimental Filmmaking, Video-Art, ETC. is the way of the future. And why you may ask? Because unlike other fads, this Art is inspiring. It can take people on a ride that they never experienced before. And unlike other Arts, it's hard to Repeat & Copy that Ride Again (unless you rewatch the same video 50 times). You are always on a Journey, a Journey that anybody can create with the right tools.

I know this Article isn't covering the most famous Experimental Artist of our time, but I'm glad of that fact. I love covering people who have made a statement, but I also love to see people grow. Marko Jack is in that Growing Stage, and we should all be excited. Who knows what he will bring next? Who knows who he will inspire? All I know is that he is a wonderful example of how this Art-Form can give a Creative Mind a sense of hope. And Marko Jack gives me hope, as I don't have to ONLY rely on Established Professionals to see the light in this Art Movement. It's a beaming Star of Discovery, waiting to rise from the night sky.

To talk about what it means to be new is to talk about what it means to be excited. A lot of Artists (Experimental Included) like to stick with an Established Road that they built for themselves. They are known to be something, and they are going to stick with it. But Marko is in the phase where he has no Road yet; it's only beginning to take shape. His life as an Experimental Artist is the equivalent of an 18 who is about to discover their first year in College. Who knows what life will bring? But whatever it does, it will be inspiring to watch.

If there is one lesson we should all learn from this, is that we should try something new. Finding New Discoveries on an Old-Planet keeps us young & hopeful. Marko Jack gives me hope. The Question Now Becomes: What will you do today to give yourself hope? 

Thanks so much for reading my Article on Marko Jack. I know it's a tad bit shorter, but his Story is only beginning. Don't fear; I will be writing more on his work as the Art comes flying through. 

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